Bookkeeping Services

With my monthly service plan, you can count on the following:


Create Budget Annually.  Educate owner on recommendations on spending in particular areas to help set financial goals for company, save business money and earn more yourselves J  I also run an Budget vs Actual spending report quarterly.

Data Entry:

1. Enter all checks and payments monthly.

2. Record Deposits/Credits to Bank Account monthly.

3. Payroll charges and check entry for each pay period, as well as breakdown of employer and employee taxes and payroll processing fees.


Reconcile/adjust all accounts including Checking Account(s), Savings, Register Cash, petty cash, Credit Cards, Loans, Inventory, Sales Tax (or other Tax Payable Liability accounts), Customer Credit, Interstore/multi-store Transfers, Prepaid Accounts, and Paid in Capital.


Analyze Profit and Loss (monthly) and Balance Sheet Reports (quarterly) and email copies to owners.  I can prepare these for you at any time should you need for other purposes (i.e. relocation, new business loans, tax purposes etc).

Annual Services:

1. Tax Preparation Assistance annually.  Verify all accounts are accurate and questions resolved.  Submit necessary files or documents (i.e. Quickbooks accountant’s copies, backups, portable files, etc).  I also like to work closely with the tax preparer if there are any questions I can answer or specific needs for booking items based on business entity type and tax planning. Record annual adjustment entries which will be made by tax preparer.

2. Inventory adjustment annually based on a physical inventory.  Prepare post physical inventory journal entries.

Remote Access:

1. Establish shared access to Quickbooks file.  I also have several live Quickbooks files on my computer should you not want to purchase Quickbooks immediately, a backup is always readily available to you.

Other Services and Benefits:

1. Quickbooks company set up.  Create chart of accounts specific to your business.

2. Familiarity with point of sale/inventory management systems and it’s interfacing with Quickbooks.

3. Readily available by cell phone. Very quick to respond to emails, text or phone.

4. Prevention of cash theft issues, have caught several thousand dollars of theft in stores by keeping the books maintained regularly.

5. Assistance with creative transaction types (i.e. paying for new product from tills or in store credit, various forms of trade for product, donations, employee bonuses, marketing giveaways/contests in stores, etc).

I have a passion for what I do and work quickly and efficiently.  I care about each one of my clients and their success, and want to do what I can that will help them be more profitable and ease their minds!


Here is what I will need you to provide me:

Accessability of Quickbooks computer.

Notify me of any “unusual” transaction types (for example, I assume purchases from Office Max, Staples, Target, Walmart, etc are for office supplies unless you let me know differently, or checks to cash or deposits to bank are from register cash)  .

Provide monthly checking, credit card, loan and/or payroll statements in a .pdf format by the 10th of the month for the previous month, or provide a username and password for me to log in and get them online.

You will write your own checks and pay company bills, I will not obtain or request check-write authorization.

Retain a tax advisor to prepare business and personal income taxes each year.  I will provide them with any items they need to prepare tax statements for you and assist them in any way I can.

Provide any reports applicable to the financial records of the company.

Reply to my emails I send you each month with questions I have for you.