I have worked with QuickBooks doing bookkeeping for 17+ years now, for several different types of businesses.

I am doing the books for 80+ businesses currently.  The bookkeeping service provides several benefits to you and your store.  It of course frees up the time you spend maintaining your books to focus more on the growth of your store.  I will store copies of your QuickBooks backups for you each quarter to protect your data.  I also can submit a backup or accountant’s copy each year for you to do your taxes, and am happy (and prefer) to work closely with your tax preparer.

I like to work closely with each store if you have any problems with transactions being done correctly or any “creative” type of payments from registers (such as paying New Product vendors, giving employees bonuses, or other types of trade), or any other questions on how best to maintain your financial records.  I have also caught a lot of employee theft by keeping the books accurate and up to date.  I am also happy to teach you how to utilize QuickBooks and it’s various reports.

Should you have any questions at all as you get started, please feel free to give me a call or email me at christyschow1@gmail.com.   I look forward to working with you.


Christy Shepherd